Concerned that your Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Workers are taking advantage of you? It happens all too frequently.

Are you anxious signing different contracts without knowing what they really mean – should thing not go as verbally reassured?

I’ve been a General Contractor (B-License) and Specialties’ Contractor (C-Licenses) for 45-years. Home remodels, ADUs, Guest Houses, Granny Units, Additional Living Spaces, Whole Home Makeovers (requiring a full year taking the property down to the studs), Commercial and Industrial Tennant Improvements, Heavy Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, HVAC, Residential Hi-End Roofing with fire resistant clay, steel, and concrete tile (1,000+ roofs in the OC and LA), Contract hardscapes, Kitchen and Bath Remodels.

1,000’s of online photographs from decades: 1980’a 1990’s, 2000’s and 2010’s as my credentials of experience, competence and attention to details.

If you have a project within a 20 mile radius of my home we night be a fit. After 45 years of daily traversing of the OC and Los Angeles, I’d like to not do that so much. Besides, these days I camera-up my projects as much as I used to lawyer-up my sub-contractor agreements to protect my clients over the years. Having digital cameras helping with oversight on a construction project a mile away or even in your own backyard is a MUST DO and you should do that immediately BTW. It’s very inexpensive, savvy and wise to closely monitor any jobsite.

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