20-Second Dashcam Video REVERSES a ‘Slam Dunk’ Traffic Accident

70 Year Old Driver pulls to curb seemingly to park.

In reality, she was looking for the city library. Apparently she pulled to the curb to check her phone for address and swivel her head looking for the library building – saw she had nearly passed it on the other side of the street. Then without checking for traffic accelerated into what appears to be a U-turn like maneuver from the the right curb across both lanes of traffic. Unfortunately, lawful traffic included a young female therapist going to check on a client could not stop in time nor evade the car’s trajectory resulting in a minor, but pricey (repair costs) accident.

Local POPO responding to the ‘victims’ 911 call found in favor of the 70 year old victim. As evidence suggested therapist T-boned the poor unfortunate lady. Both insurance companies agreed with LEO report and unanimously found in favor of the-70 year old victim.

30 year old therapist called her father later that day to share about her crash and asked him how to get a rental car. The father asked what happened. The daughter told father the details including that the accident was charged to fault of therapist, expensive accident points to go on therapist’s DMV driving record to ensure higher insurance costs for next 7 years. Moreover, the therapist daughter explained to father that therapist will have to pony up $500 or $1,000 deductible (memory issues) to her insurance company. Sadly, too, therapist did not have rental car coverage.

The therapist’s father inquired about the dashcam device. “What dashcam device!?,” asked the therapist. “The one you got for Christmas from your mother and your father,” responded her father. “Oh, that one.”

Father, Mother and therapist’s youngest brother went to Long Beach retrieved the micro-SD card and reviewed the footage. Father trimmed down the 15 minute video that showed the therapists’ tendencies to be lead-footed, slow-roll stop signs (like a busy road warrior therapist would do) — cutting the long video down to just the 20 seconds leading to crash.

Result? Immediately upon viewing, the 70-year old’s claims’ adjuster telephoned the therapist and apologized for her being found at fault. He reported to therapist that HIS CLIENT was fully at fault and he, the claims’ adjustor’ would take care of fixing DMV reporting, contacting therapist’s insurer, and assured therapist that HIS COMPANY would pay for the repairs of therapist’s car with her choice of auto body shops and a complementary rental car at no charge. Everything REVERSED thanks to this little fellow:

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