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Law Sites Hosting Services

Website Hosting – Has been a staple of our business since 1998. It’s a service that most clients are , for the most part, unaware of just how important robust hosting is to LSI and our client’s website’s incredible performance and for just one benefit of many: the high-value SEO metric Google assigns to website loading speed. We seek speed. Always! But there’s a lot more in your hosting package at LSI.

History, Backstory & Importance of Mission-Critical Website Hosting

As website became more complex with numerous images and videos, Google Search informed the world that loading speed would become a SIGNIFICANT metric in Google’s mysterious 200 ranking metrics. It was more than images and videos and the bandwidth constrictions of the Internet. It was the iPhone and Android Smart Phones transition into handheld computers and the fast societal changes from fixed desktop computer Google Searches to ‘cell phone’ Google Searches conducted wirelessly on slow cell data technologies!

It’s All About Speed, Baby!

A law firm’s choice of Web Hosting and ‘website loading speed’ is critically important the minute your website is visually good-looking, has some skillful SEO, and please, more than 6-pages of unique and informative content.

In 2007 Law Sites purchased our first two dedicated servers. We had one placed in a a Los Angeles data center on the top floor of the famous Wilshire One building, and the second in a huge Virginia Data Center where Wall Street and the U.S. government had most of the building holding their incredible incredible oceans of server racks. Since then, the financials and governments/military have contracted with Amazon and Google to build them proprietary data farms.

From 2007 until today we leased or purchased the best cutting edge hardware for our law firm clients. We spec’d the most powerful Intel® Xeon® Server CPUs, the fastest hard drives, placed in data centers that were located on a Tier 1 Internet Backbone fiber trunk line.

In those days – as now – you’d see Website Hosting for $3.95 per month! Fortunately for Law Sites, when our law firm clients websites went live on a real server, the new websites seem to ‘TAKE OFF’ in Google Search Results as if it was a F-16 on full afterburners. A lot of our success in clients benefiting from rapid Google Search ranking results, was more than the good SEO we are known for. A LOT had to do with their new websites loading faster that most of their competitors — competitors controlled by busy and clueless lawyers who told their staff to go with the this website hosting company or that, and go ahead with the ‘better’ $6.99 per month hosting: “We don’t want to scrimp!”

To this day, most law firms subscribe to website hosting that is horrible! Their website assets are sharing storage drives with as many as 1,000 other websites. Law firm websites are low traffic but are on inexpensive hosting servers sharing the bandwidth and bottleneck of that free standing computer with websites doing e-Commerce, porn sites, video sites and other busy sites with lots of visitors hogging the CPU, memory resources and single ethernet cable from the box their website code is imprisoned within. We love it that our client’s competitors (for the most part) are clueless about the importance of having the fastest-possible hosting environment money can leverage.

Law Sites Inc Website Hosting Has Been Transparent to Clients

Law Sites clients come to us for many reasons: their website developer became unresponsive, disappeared, fell short on customer service, or was clueless about SEO and basic attorney marketing.

When we launch a client’s new or ‘makeover’ website, we do so on one of Law Site’s dedicated servers that have evolved into an in-house ‘cooperative model of financial leverage.’  Over the years, Law Sites has been putting our SEO & Marketing subscription clients websites on the best dedicated servers anyone in the private sector can buy. The model has evolved into an average of 50 law firms per server. That allows us to leverage the best possible dedicated server, data center and 24/7 data center engineers to watch over our law firm servers to the benefit of our clients.

The Buying Power of 50 Law Firms Assigned to Each Cutting-Edge Dedicated Server

When a Law Sites client cancels one of our SEO & Attorney Marketing Subscriptions, we need to remove the client’s website assets on our server or charge the client for ‘Hosting Only’.  We come to love our clients. Hopefully they love us. Sometimes, however, circumstances change and our clients cannot afford us because their practice area is in decline or there are too many moving into the practice area and our clients must downsize.

Law Sites Inc. Lost Clients 2008-2010 – Website Hosting Became a ‘Thing’ at LSI

In 2008-2010, the housing crash combined with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and resultant recession fell fully on the shoulders of many of our solid full-time 100%-bankruptcy-focused lawyer-clients were under siege from attorneys changing practice area (out of panic) from ‘elective legal services’ such as entity incorporation, new business formation, family law, and estate planning to bankruptcy. They were new to BK, clueless, but started selling $599 + court fees Chapter 7’s.  The public fell for the scam – hired no zero-BK-experienced lawyers to file their cases – often to the public’s detriment. Super-qualified bankruptcy attorneys who know the system, judges and Trustees were overlooked for a few hundred dollars! WHAT?#! BK became a product, and many foolish people paid a terrible price in many poorly handled cases. LSI lost many long term client subscriptions. But we stayed strong and years later we still work together.

Bankruptcy Practice 2020-2022 – The government’s thumb on the scale during the Pandemic (June 2020 through June 2022) outlawing evictions, punishing retiree landlords who might have but a single investment property in their retirement portfolio, again sunk the Bankruptcy practice space to where county filings each week were single digit. Financial expert attorneys practicing bankruptcy law were actually facing bankruptcy themselves! LSI stood by our clients through those miserable two years that just ended.

Now what?  A portion of our client’s $750, $1350 & $2,500 subscriptions cover the costs of our powerful and expensive dedicated servers. In the 2008-2010 recession, our servers were more expensive (cost per law firm) than in 2022. Imagine that! The servers are so much more powerful in 2022.

We had meaningful relationships with clients in distress. So we made them the deal they could keep their websites on the servers so long as they contributed their exact share of 1/50 the collective cost. That’s when we started keeping track precisely of the number of law firms per server and the average annual cost per year per law firm. Internally, we should have been doing that all along, but server finances were not an inhouse priority for those of us living and breathing SEO and Attorney Marketing all day every day.

Upshot? If a subscription client cancels and we forced them out entirely. We’d then have to invest 3 hours per website to create ‘a transportable digital package’ they could shop to public website hosting companies. That would be awful for our clients in turmoil. The replacement cost to replicate the server speed and performance and independently purchase the software their websites were built with or dependent upon – including premium Plugins, Google & AWS backup, Google & AWS Cloud platform, Sucuri Malware protection, CDN performance and Ddos attack protection, the cost of hosting their solitary website on a like solution will cost them $1,800 per month; $21,600 annually. Ouch. In 2008-2010, we began allowed existing clients to pay us for ‘hosting only’ if they had been with us on a subscription basis prior.

It has worked out well.  We have clients that switch subscription levels up and down – and now — even to hibernate at base-line hosting-only depending upon their needs and circumstances. Rather than build-out a $20,000 server solution to replicate what they have at  here at LSI, instead they have a home here, a safe place where they can hibernate with us for the actual cost of their 1/50th cost of server, software and server engineering package cost. Only if a former Law Sites’ website development or subscription client. Many of these clients that took a financial beating have since recovered and are back to LSI marketing and Graphics/Development services when they find themselves falling in Google Search to new competitors, need a website makeover, or are adding a satellite office, new shareholders, associates and staff.

“You’ve a Home Here – A Safe Space – Monthly Cost of a Netflix Family Subscription”

Our already onboarded clients have a home at Law Sites where their website(s) can reside on the same kick-ass server, including the continued use and access to 10’s of thousands of dollars of premium software and services (thanks to the purchasing power of the 49 other law firms per server) — a stunning hosting solution — for a monthly cost of a Netflix Family Subscription!  $36 per month in 2020-2022.

We are not in the bookkeeping business. Therefore, hosting-only fees (at cost) will be auto-billed from either Law Sites’ PayPal or LawPay every 6-months as pre-paid hosting: $216. We have one cantankerous old-school checks-only solicitor who insists on his Chase Bank autopay check service. He’s the exception.  

Departing Clients – Yes we have a Few Each Year

Attorneys and Law Firms are constantly bombarded by attorney marketing companies big and small. Some will have very convincing sales tactics where they pick apart an existing ‘live’ website to demonstrate how they propose to propel lawyers to the promised lands. Of course the contract is pricey and often a full year in a lawyer-tested steel-contract.

Sometimes clients just move on. We get it. It happens. The ones who chose another firm to test-drive for a period of test-marketing will often want to remain with Law Sites for their hosting as they have come to learn of the power of extreme hosting they’ve witnessed.  We are ‘okay’ with that. For a season. A year. Maybe two. Unfortunately, it seems that after that verbal ‘okay,’ their new person/people email us demanding FTP Server Access. In years’ past, developers required ‘FTP server access’ to upload old-fashioned, HTML coded websites to a hosting computer. No more.

FTP & SFTP Server Access – Modern day WordPress platform websites do not require ‘server access.’ All functionalities needed by SEO experts, content writers, even website developers creating new themes are easy and commonplace. If their new client wants their site packaged up into a digital transfer package, it is $180 flat fee. Law Sites Inc. has fiduciary duty to protect ALL CLIENTS assets and our client’s clients’ privacy from invasion or harm. Only LSI and our server management engineers at WP Engine where we lease our servers are allowed access. They are qualified, insured and bonded engineers.

All LSI clients are always welcome to host their websites elsewhere. LSI requires 3-hours of LSI management’s time to package each WordPress website for digital transfer. The cost in fixed at $180/per site with 4-days notice.

Offloading A WordPress Website – Should you chose to switch from LSI to another WordPress hosting provider, in addition the hosting fees which range from $6.99 per month for a hobby hosting environment to $600-$1,200 for a decent-speed virtual-slice server or an actual dedicated server, you should budget for other add-ons including data center management staff if you choose a nice performing server. Budget too for some number of monthly / annual subscriptions to various software vendors, plugin vendors, security partners, cloud services.  

The software plugins most of LSI client’s sites use are premium plugins developed, maintained and supported by teams of skilled software engineers. Rarely do we use free plugins as they just don’t have the power, performance, frequent updates, or security from data breaches that premium plugins offer.

The collection of premium  plugins LSI subscribes to are used for a variety of functions beyond the capabilities of the base-line WordPress Platform including: improving image optimization, lossless image compression to improve Google SEO ranking, ‘lazy-load’ image delivery to improve Google SEO ranking, CDN services from Cloudflare, MaxCDN and Global Edge Security, Amazon AWS for website backup, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon AWS Cloud Platform for faster website loading over vast areas of the County, State and Country for those law practices with multiple offices. Cloud distribution for law firms serving military family deployed around the world. Family law attorneys with sizeable military experience appreciate deployed soldiers and Federal employees the ability to easily find state-side law firms.

Economies of Scale – For the benefit of LSI clients, our subscription buying leverage results in individual law firms’ cost of extreme hosting at 1/50 or less the cost of doing it correctly as a single law practice. Instead of $20,000 for their own server per year, our clients get the same value for $420 per year. That includes server, engineers, maintenance, backups, premium software for their WordPress website, site security, premium Contact Forms, DDos attack mitigation, Google and Yelp review integration, Facebook integration, etc.. Should you choose to transfer your website form its current LSI environment, these LSI purchased and subscribed services are not part of your website if transferred away form the the LSI inclusive server package. If you move your site to another hosting venue, you can find ‘free’ plugins to accomplish many of the same tasks (contact forms, for example).

It’s Your Website.  Period.

It’s your site. Move it elsewhere at anytime. We just want to be clear that if you do, if might require some time, money and effort put together the same website add-ons and to add similar functionality using free or premium plugins.  

LSI does not want any misunderstandings. We are not being mean or purposefully make work for you should you take your site elsewhere. We have spent 20+ years putting together really cool law firm resources on yearly upgraded dedicated servers as add-on benefits for LSI’s clients. That’s our business. It just so happens, that if we add services to multiple law firms, we can bring the price of those add-on services to clients at reduced cost. Buying bigger boxes of cereal at Costco or Sam’s Club for a family with 3 teenagers costs less per person than buying a retail box of cereal for a one person household from the corner Albertsons.

Each new LSI server is maxed out at 50 law firms to ensure performance. That allows us to subscribe to agency-sized-subscriptions of Premium Plugin Libraries to increase the functionality of all the law firm’s on that server. An analogy would be 50 lawyers from law school going in on purchasing an office building: 1/50th the cost in theory. We’ve been on a mission to refine extreme hosting performance at super low cost as LSI’s ‘added-value’ to our clients since 2008.

EXAMPLE: Solitary Law Practice Website Hosted on Random Hosting Server

For example, almost every client of ours takes advantage of multiple WPMU DEV Premium Plugins to make their website’s functionality superior. The monthly subscription to WPMU DEV for a single law firm to match the package LSI subscribes annually costs $82.50 per month: $990 annually. We love WPMU’s software engineering marvels. Your site has access to all their best plugins available for use on your website when hosted by LSI on one of our well-equipped, robust, cutting edge dedicated servers.

We’ve had clients who saw ads for ‘website hosting’ for introductory price of $3.99 per month. Reminds me of Chapter 7 bankruptcy for $599* (terms and conditions apply).

If you choose to move your site to Bluehost, i-Page, FatCow, HostGator, Intuit Websites,,, or any of the other 105 hosting brand names operated by the mega Endurance International Group, you can outfit your single website with WPMU premium plugins. As of August, 2022, you can get a 1-site license for $90 annually. If you like or want other services you’ve been enjoying at LSI such as premium forms, redundant location backup, Cloud Hosting, CDN, SSL Certificates, you can find replacements on the market for single sites. It simply requires some time and testing to see what works. There are many good ‘free’ offered by some premium plugin companies as a loss leader hoping you will advance to the ‘PRO’ version one day. Sincerely. They work. Contact 7 is a good one. Often, when websites ‘break,’ (a) it will follow an automatic update of the WordPress core that happens nearly monthly, and (b) following hours of investigating why the site broke and went ‘dark’ it will usually turn out to be the result of one of the ‘free’ plugins. Plugin support that might be required when a WordPress update ‘breaks your site’ is essentially non-existent in the ‘free’ plugin marketplace.

In addition to WPMU DEV Plugins, your current extreme hosting on Law Sites’ dedicated servers – fully managed by the outstanding data center engineering team at WP Engine in Austin Texas – includes additional multiple subscriptions to many other premium performance plugins Including Cloud Hosting.

Cloud Hosting’ is Standard On all Law Sites Websites

Cloud Hosting is how we make an analogy of how CDNs are so valuable. We interchange ‘cloud hosting’ with ‘CDNs’ as a CDN can serve your website from a data center in Austin Texas to potential clients using their cell phones in Santa Monica, Del Mar, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Riverside – and experience nearly instantaneous website loading speeds over the cell network! Similarly, if a real estate purchaser in Florida needs a real estate attorney in San Diego, a copy of the San Diego law firm’s website is in multiple data centers in and around Florida. Same outcome. Nearly instantaneous website loading on the iPhone or iPad using cell data or Wi-Fi data.

Extreme hosting for all LSI clients includes CDN services take snapshot copies of your WordPress website from the dedicated server and then uploads ‘static copies’ to multiple Cloud Data Centers around the state, continent and the world (if you choose) for phenomenal speed and security. Your site(s) are uploaded to multiple Google Cloud and Amazon AWS Cloud platforms by way of sophisticated CDN services from Cloudflare, Global Edge and MaxCDN. Note: MaxCDN vendor is to be discontinued by October 11, 2022 in favor of Cloudflare and Global Edge Security.

Cloud Hosting via CDN (Content Delivery Networks) – is a major add-on advantage our law firm clients benefit from. CDN and Cloud Hosting maximizes website performance (increases SEO and Google Search Ranking) while adding redundant security by distributing multiple copies of your website – insulating your primary website source files from outright ‘takedowns’ by clever vengeful competitors, random malcontents, malware, ransomware, and DDos ‘denial of service’ attacks.

WordPress Pages are ‘Created’ Each Time a Page is Requested!

Every time a person uses a Web browser to find a particular WordPress website, the page is ‘created.’ That seems odd. When you visit a WordPress website form the source — the primary hosting server — WordPress answers the request by loading a set of PHP scripts that query the WordPress database for the requested content. Each and every time a visitor comes to your website, WordPress uses database content to build out a finished HTML page — literally on the fly — and sending that HTML page to your browser for viewing.

Lightening Fast Websites!
CDNs Distribute Your Site around the County, State and Planet

CDN’s take ‘snap-shots’ of those created pages to distribute to dozens, if not hundreds, of cloud servers. To prevent CDN Cloud Versions from becoming outdated, this process is checked from the LSI server to check for changes every 4-hours — 6 times a day. When changes are noted, the CDN updates those ‘static pages’ to match the source.

Other Add-Ons Included In LSI Extreme Hosting

The premium Plugins, Security Services and Cloud Services your website(s) take advantage of on LSI dedicated Servers include, but are not limited to:

What is a CDN? | How do CDNs work?

A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers (In our case, Cloudflare, Google and AWS) which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content while providing additional redundant security of website assets.

The WP Engine CDN services that we use, take a already extreme website hosting environment to the NEXT LEVEL of performance and security. Your law firm website(s) are on one of the world’s best WordPress Managed Hosting platform already.

Law Firms benefit in SEO, Google Search Results as websites load faster on phones and devices. Law firm clients look for attorneys some 90% on a hand held device in 2021 & 2022. Speed is King!

Moreover, Cloud Hosting makes power outages, regional natural disasters, human error, malware and ransomware attacks nearly impossible. There is always a copy of or a backup of your website assets at our fingertips. Your digital assets are spread over multiple data centers as you can see on the two maps below:

Google Cloud Platform:

Google Cloud Platform Map

Amazon (AWS) Cloud Platform:

Amazon AWS Cloud Platform Map

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